You might remember a little Italian restaurant right off M street called "Paper Moon". Well, it's recently been rebranded as Flavio. After a (major) disappointment with the Georgetown French Market, we headed down M in hopes of finding something for lunch...and a little wine to ease our sadness. We were all craving something either Italian, … Continue reading Flavio

Iron Gate (Brunch)

Iron Gate is, arguably, one of the city's most lovely places to enjoy a meal. The building itself looks unassuming from the front, but on the inside is a dynamic space. You first enter through the carriageway bar - a narrow, but warmly lit and decorated, bar area with some scattered seating and high ceilings. … Continue reading Iron Gate (Brunch)

Ice Cream Jubilee

This block on 14th Street is slowly becoming one of our favorites, with spots like Colada (check out our review here) and Taqueria Nacional, it's hard to avoid. And now we have another reason to love it: ice cream. More specifically, Ice Cream Jubilee. Ice Cream Jubilee is a new(ish) addition to the street and now that … Continue reading Ice Cream Jubilee

El Centro (14th St)

T here, everyone who knows me, knows I'm picky about my drinks, but El Centro's margaritas are so yummy I forget that they have tequila in them. Although they taste sweet and refreshing, they are chock-full of alcohol so make sure you keep that in mind as you're sipping (or chugging). After two I was … Continue reading El Centro (14th St)