About Us

Wandering Washingtonians is dedicated to helping you find the best of D.C. We love the city and want to share out favorite spots to eat, drink, visit, and explore.

We’re two gals wandering the district, so you don’t have to.

Tess: Is fan of cider, long books, and even longer conversations. She listens to way too many podcasts, enjoys historical non-fiction, and fancies herself the future ex-wife of Bob Dylan. Her preference for bars are ones that kinda sorta feel like your living room, which she may-or-may not bring her new favorite book to read for a few hours.

Eloise: Is a huge fan of exploring (aka eating) her way through the District. She loves watching movies with her friends and picking out the next show to binge on Netflix. You can usually find her scouring the internet for the next place to try, dreaming about her next travel destination, or reading too much pop culture.

For business inquiries, please email us at wanderingwashingtonians@gmail.com.