Quick Sips: Baby Wale

Some co-workers and I (T) stopped by Baby Wale early this week to check out this slightly off-the-beaten path bar.


After a grueling Monday, everyone agreed we needed a drink so we headed to the Christmas market and then made our way to Baby Wale. Baby Wale is in a bit of a strange place – basically right across from the convention center. But, don’t let its nearness to a stuffy convention center make you doubt the vibe of this pseduo-hipster bar.

We stopped in and were, besides on another couple, the only people in the bar at 5:45pm. Throughout our time there (we stayed until 9pm, whoops) it did get busier but it was never loud or even really chattery.


We decided to sit at the bar and sample some drinks. Both my co-workers got reds and I got a white wine. Although their Happy Hour deals won’t blow you out of their water, they’re fairly reasonable at $6 wines and $8 cocktails. As for Happy Hour foods, you can score a pizza for $10 or some other delectable apps for $10 & under. And, honestly, if a Happy Hour doesn’t have food is it really a Happy Hour? I went with the Buffalo Mozzarella Porcupine, which was unique and very lovely. Although it was essentially a grown-up, giant mozzarella stick it felt classy and interesting to eat and not like, ya know, I was eating a giant mozzarella stick.

Our service was also wonderful! Our bartender was attentive, funny, and gave us very nice pours. His humor and slinging of baby wale’s custom coasters had us laughingProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The ambiance of baby wale is “cozy industrial” and is a great happy hour spot if you’re near Gallery Place or Mt. Vernon and are looking for a new, not-so-crowded spot.