DBGB DC: Brunch

This past weekend, we were able to visit DBGB for morning brunch. Unlike some brunch places, they do not open until 11am on the weekend – so don’t arrive too early!One of our favorite things about DBGB is the interior – it is warm, bright, and filled with bottles of wine, art, and other knick-knacks.Although, DBGB’s doesn’t have any brunch specials (their brunch cocktails are around $10) the french pastries almost make up for it (almost). We started breakfast with orange juice, coffee, and a basket of Viennoiserie. Viennoiserie is a basket of fresh housemade pastries, with honey butter and raspberry jam. We had a chocolate croissant, a classic croissant, and orange-cranberry scone. The pastries may have been our favorite part of the meal – they were clearly homemade, yummy, and the homemade raspberry jam was seriously out of this world.For our mains we got French toast and eggs Florentine. Although we did both enjoy our meals, we were a little surprised about the fact there weren’t any sides offered for either of the meals (we love sides). So, we ordered a side of bacon to split. (if you have any notes about the bacon, put it here…i thought it could have been crispier but thats more personal preference). Anyway, back to the mains!I (T) got the French toast. When it comes to brunch, I tend to enjoy the sweeter things. I thought the French toast at DBGB’s was pretty good! One of the fun details, besides the powered sugar, was the fact that the crust was cut off the French toast. It also came with roasted pear, which I’ve never had with French toast and really complimented the sweetness of the dish (in the best way possible). Also with my French toast, I ordered a Bellini. Although I am usually a mimosa girl, I wanted to change it up and get something new. I was pleasantly surprised and thought it had the perfect balance of peach and champagne (who likes a brunch place that skips on the champs?).I (E) got the Norwegian eggs Benedict which are my go-to. You’d be surprised to find out that although it’s a pretty simple breakfast dish, it’s not always as good as it should be. But, I was pleasantly surprised by my breakfast. It’s pretty on par price wise (around $17). The main downside is that there aren’t any “sides” that come with the Benedict.Another thing we really enjoyed about eating at DBGB was the service. Our waiter was attentive without being overwhelming, funny, patient, and kind when it took us a while to order. He stopped by more than once to make sure we were doing well. He always had a smile on his face and was happy to answer question we had. Service can make or break a dining experience, and in this case it really added a lot to our time at DBGB.We love trying new places and this was overall a good experience. The food hit the spot and the decor (mainly the front bar) is definitely a reason to stop by. While it’s not our go-to brunch spot in the city, the location makes it easy to visit while strolling through CityCenter. We will say that the service was really great both times we’ve visited and that really makes any meal better.