Milk Bar CityCenter

When Milk Bar came on the scene as an NYC transplant about 2 years ago, the lines were massive, the instagrams were endless, and all anyone could talk about was cereal milk ice cream. By now, the lines have died down somewhat and its the perfect time to see if it was actually worth all the hype (and still worth a visit).

Milk Bar, first and foremost, is VERY tiny. There were about 6 people including us in the store and it felt very cramped. However, the line is very clear and the cashiers were efficient and seemed used to handling a high volume in a small space (which is SO needed to avoid confusion at busy places like this). While you wait in line, there is a bakery display case that shows off the non-icecream offerings like cookies and cakes. Additionally, there is a few shelves of products you can buy and make at home – like cookie and cake mixes. If you love the toppings, you’re able to buy them in tiny, cute plastic milk bottles to have your very own Milk Bar sundae at home.

One thing to keep in mind about Milk Bar is that it isn’t cheap. If you’re looking for your new neighborhood ice cream/dessert joint…this isn’t going to be it. Not only is it small and often busy, it is a bit expensive. However, the $7 or so dollars you’ll pay for ice cream and one topping isn’t that unbelievable in comparison to other DC speciality-ice cream shops. Even Haagen-Daas is getting expensive and you could easily spend $7 there as well.

Now, on to the actual review: is it worth the hype?

I think so. It was easily the best, creamiest, and most interesting flavored soft serve I’ve ever had. I got the original flavor WITH the crunchies, at E’s insistence of their yumminess, and thought it was delicious. They give you a pretty large serving and the ice cream is so rich and flavorful that I thought it was fun to expereince and I would definitely get it again in the future. Also, you don’t just get toppings on the sides and top of the ice cream…but they also put some in the bottom of the cup so when you get towards the end of your ice cream, you’re not out of toppings.

E here, I got the cinnamon swirl ice cream and it tasted exactly the way it sounds. It honestly tasted just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I was pleasantly surprised. I got the crunchie toppings which add the perfect bite. Although the ice cream was a tad sweet (I’m not a huge fan of ice cream to begin with), I still ate the entire thing.

It’s the perfect spot to stop for dessert or on a weekend afternoon. The main downside is the size to price ratio. Although it’s hard to find an ice cream (or dessert for that matter) under $5, it was close to $7 with the topping. It’s also just worth going by because it’s super hyped up and is insta-worthy. Although pardon our photos. We didn’t take enough because well, we really wanted to eat them…