Dating in the District: 4 Completely Unique Things About Dating in DC

Dating in the District is anything but typical. In fact, this deceptively small city has a surprising amount of hurdles associated with it, but that doesn’t mean dating is pointless (or impossible) here. Below are some of our favorite DC-dating signs, and how we deal with them.

  1. The DC Questions: There are two questions that get asked by every DC-ite almost immediately: Where are you from and what do you do. Personally, the where are you from one is particularly bothersome. Must we converse about our boring home-states while we struggle to find common ground between them? One of our favorite go-to questions is “What is your favorite DC neighborhood” or, even better, “What’s your favorite DC bar/restaurant.” This will probably tell you a lot more about a person than where they’re from or what they do (although, you should get to those questions eventually…just maybe not in the first 5 minutes).
  2. DC is Full of Transplants: Dating can be tough because a lot of people move here alone…which means it can takes weeks or months to establish a regular “going out” group. So, while you may see dozens of cute, potential dates on the metro…they might not be out on the town just yet. Not to mention, because a lot of people only stay here a year or two (although we think the city deserves much more time than that) they just aren’t that focused on dating.
  3. Politics are kinda-sorta-impossible to Avoid: One of the rules many young people first learn about meeting new people is to avoid religion and politics. While religion is still easy to avoid, if you’re at a rooftop bar staring at one of our Nation’s monuments, statues, and wildly important buildings…it can be tough. This means trying to keep conversation light and casual on a first date without talking about the latest in the Russian investigation can be tough.
  4. Apps (Seem) to Rule Everything Around Here: App dating in DC has really taken off, so much so that DC even has its own dating app (that WW has yet to try out, but…it’s on our list). But, because app dating is so prevalent and easy, it feels harder and harder to approach people at bars. Why risk rejection when you can just keep on swiping? While this doesn’t mean you can’t meet a cute guy or girl at the bar, we’ve noticed that it’s a little less likely than it used to be.