DBGB Kitchen & Bar

After a day spent enjoying the Mall (check out our adventures at the Sculpture garden, the Mary Ripley Livingston garden, and the Hirshhorn) we somehow ended up at City Center right before happy hour and craving something yummy.

We wanted to keep enjoying the beautiful weather, so we decided to figure out somewhere we could eat downtown and outside, and DBGB Kitchen and Bar fit all of our requirements.

It was about 4:30 pm and DBGB was pretty empty this Sunday afternoon. We walked in the main entrance and asked the hostess if we could sit outside. She said sure and let us know that happy hour would be starting in about 15 minutes, but that if we wanted to order off the main menu we’d have to do it quickly. We did appreciate the fact that the hostess was sweet enough to give us a heads up, and the fact that happy hour was served on both the patio AND the bar. There is nothing worse than an over-restricted happy hour. Plus, who wants to drink inside on a beautiful day?

We were soon sat outside, where it was much busier than inside the restaurant. We hurriedly ordered burgers off the menu and decided to wait the 10 or so minutes left until HH so we could order a drink off the menu. Yes, we’re cheap.

Our burgers came out fairly quickly and although they looked good…they were just “fine”. We’re big burger people and have high standards so we’re not easily impressed (Duke’s you’re still #1 in our hearts). They were perfectly fine but it’s not hard to make a great burger and we find so many restaurants struggling to make one that hits the mark. I will say, the fries were fabulous and definitely helped “up” the quality of the meal for me. But, I’m not sure it was worth the slightly higher-than-normal cost.

The drinks we ordered were much better than the burgers, though. We both got “The Bee’s Knees”, which has gin, lemon and honey – simple, but flavorful. E, being more of a vodka girl, had hers with vodka but said the cocktail was still good.

Overall, we had a perfectly fine meal. The hostess and waiter were very nice and made sure we were able to get seated, order and get the HH deals. The outdoor seating is great and the bar is beautiful. It’s a good spot to stop if you’re in CityCenter DC and don’t know the area well. That being said, there are so many other fun pleases off the beaten path that have more exciting things to offer.