Quick Sips: Raresweets

We don’t usually venture into CityCenter, but when we did we had to check out Raresweets, as We had seen so many pictures of the delicious looking treats and drinks from this CityCenter staple.

Although it is small, the perfectly color coordinated interior felt airy and light, plus there were plenty of tables outside. We went early morning on the weekend and there was an array of small pastries and a few cakes in the display case.

We decided against checking out any of the sweets this time, but definitely want to visit again and try their lemon-blackberry minicake and other pastries.

We opted for getting just coffee and enjoying the sunshine at a table outside. It’s a great spot to sit outside, people watch, and admire the cool art that’s always popping up in CityCenter. The cold brew with a shot of vanilla was delish but, I (T) felt that the vanilla was a little lacking and that I might have been better off just enjoying a plain cold brew. I also found the price to be quite reasonable, compared to DC’s other cold brew offerings. I (E) went with a cold brew iced coffee which was good. It hit the spot (nothing to write home about) but you would be surprised how many bad coffees exist in the city and luckily RS is not one of them. The only thing to watch out for is the milk containers. I know that sounds absurd BUT, it comes out really quickly and I almost poured it all over the floor. I warned T and she almost did the same thing. You’ve been warned…

Apparently, there is often a long line at Raresweets but we were the only ones in the store at 11:45am on Sunday. So, that might be a great time to go if you want to avoid the lines but enjoy the sweetness. There are plenty of seats inside and a couple tables with umbrellas (major plus) outside so it’s definitely a place where you could work from. It’s in a perfect spot to grab a treat and peruse the mostly unaffordable shops in the area.

We’d definitely go again and try one of the sweets! Especially during cherry blossom season, we’re almost positive that’s where they had cherry blossom themed cookies a few months back.