Happy Hour at Hank’s Oyster Bar, Dupont

Although Hank’s Oyster Bar has multiple locations, does this make it a chain? (unclear how many restaurants constitute a chain but we’re going with it), but it sure doesn’t feel like one. The Hank’s location in Dupont is a great place if you’re looking for somewhere near Dupont circle that isn’t touristy. Hank’s has a cute patio (complete with under-the-umbrella fairy lights) with plenty of seating. Unfortunately, there are no happy hour specials on the patio which is a major bummer. Β However, the inside bar is pretty busy and very cute and airy.

On this particular outing, we opted to sit on the patio and enjoy the nice weather. Our waitress was so nice and cheery and came with menus, water, and goldfish (a Hank’s classic) within just a few minutes. We were interested in some light fare, but still wanted to treat ourselves and we decided to split the mac & cheese appetizer. It came out, and we fell in love.

The noodles were large spirals that perfectly held the yummy cheese hat surrounded it. But the best part of it were the crunchy crumbles on top of the mac & cheese appetizer. Usually, when you get a crumble layer you only get a light layer or only in the middle…but this crumble was all over the top in the thick layer that ensured you got a crunch with every bite. After we finished that, we both got caesar salads. Although nothing was fantastic about the salad, the dressing was done in the perfect amount the caesar salad was crunchy and good.

One other thing to keep in mind, though, is this Hank’s does not have a dessert menu. At the end of our light dinners, we wanted to enjoy the weather a bit more but were bummed when our waitress said Hank’s doesn’t have a dessert menu. However, they do bring out chunks of chocolate for you to munch on with your bill. Although not nearly as big as a dessert, it did satisfy our sweet teeth! It’s a nice touch (as with the goldfish) that just makes your dinner or drinks feel “complete” and is a thoughtful touch by the restaurant. Overall, Hank’s is a great affordable option if you’re looking for a quick dinner to enjoy the nice weather.