Goodies: Icecream Food Truck!

My co-workers and I stumbled upon the Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats on a warm Friday in August. Stumbling upon icecream trucks in August, especially a cute vintage one, necessitates getting a sweet treat (at least, that’s what I told myself).


Goodies offers gourmet frozen custard, donuts, peach cobbler, gourmet root beer and weekly specials, like apple-cider doughnut sandwhich sundaes and coffee floats.


We ordered off the main menu which had a few different options for shakes, concretes (a sundae with their thick, Wisconsin custard), and floats. One downside to note about the menu is the prices are not on the menu, or on the specials boards, or easily discoverable online. This seemed a bit strange to me and I considered it to be a negative. However, the prices were as expected for a speciality DC dessert ($7-9 dollars).


My co-workers got the Rootbeer Float and PB Shake, while I opted for the cookies and cream concrete, which came in a cute little takeout container. I was worried the container might leak – the custard was thick and plentiful, and it was August in DC & melting fast! However, it seemed quite durable and I am happy to report the perfect transport for an icecream sundae on a hot day.


My coworkers reported that their shake & float were yummy. However they did have one small complaint – the straws. The straws, while incredibly cute and custom to the shop, didn’t seem to be the best construction for a thick shake or float (they were made of paper). However, this isn’t a negative comment on the desserts, in fact, it’s a compliment – they were so thick that a paper straw just wasn’t up for the job!


Overall, we really enjoyed our treats! We also thought the owner of the truck was a pleasure to meet, and so happy to explain the treats and give us some great service. If I see the truck again on a Friday before the summer is over, I might have a tough time resisting.