Quick Sips: Bakers & Barista

Bakers & Baristas is close enough to the restaurant-free zone of the mall to pop up and grab a coffee and sweet treat. Or, if you’re already in Chinatown, it is far enough away from Gallery Place to avoid tourists and crazy congestion.

Funny enough, this should probably be renamed “Quick Bites” as we didn’t get a coffee this time around, focusing more on the ‘Bakers’ aspect of this spot.

The store has high ceilings and is quite airy. However, we both noted that sometimes has a bit of a strange, chemically smell. It’s hard to describe and clearly hasn’t deterred us from returning but just something to note. Other than the smell, there are plenty of high tables and seating for a relatively small space. Not to mention, the windows make for wonderful lighting.

I (E) had an almond croissant which is my croissant of choice and rarely disappoints. This one was no exception. It was huge (about the size of my hand) and extra flaky aka I had to stand up and dust myself off because I was covered in crumbs. I would have been okay if it was a tad less baked but it hit the spot.

I (T) decided to go for a Maple Oat Scone, which was delicious. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who loves oatmeal cookies, but can’t stand oatmeal raisin cookies. This Maple Oat Scone tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie, in scone-form with a wonderful drizzle of maple icing on top. One thing I really enjoyed about this treat is unlike some slightly over-priced baked goods in DC, this wasn’t tiny. In fact, it was big enough that I felt like it wasn’t even that over-priced.

They also have a complimentary water jug, which we always appreciate at coffee shops since drinking a ton of coffee + pastries without water can make you feel a little ~dry~.

It’s a perfect spot to stop and grab a coffee or tea on the way to The Mall. They always have at least a few pastries and they’re usually a combo of exciting flavors that you’ve probably never had. Also, they’re typically pretty large so we’d recommend getting a few to share and definitely drink water because you’ll end up leaving with a sugar high. We’ll report back next time we try the coffee!