Birch & Barley: Brunch

We last visited Bitch & Barley for dinner during the winter restaurant week and had a great time. This time, I (T) decided it could be the perfect brunch place to take my parents while they were in town


One thing I love is this is a great place to take a group – it is deceivingly large space with three district dining options (the patio, the main dining room, and the smaller dining room in-between the bar and the kitchen), it is almost always easy to get a reservation for 5-6 people with a few days notice. On this particular day, the sun was out and the doors to the patio leading to the dining room were wide open so it almost felt like al-fresco dining.

We decided to go for a late brunch on a Sunday afternoon and the place was buzzing with activity. Although there is no bottomless brunch option, Birch & Barley does offer a drinks special: 2 drinks, with unlimited coffee and tea for $12. As someone who loves coffee, this was a definite benefit. Additionally, the normal cocktails can run anywhere from $9-14 dollars, so you’re definitely getting bang for your buck.

The first cocktail I chose was the aptly named “Catch me Outside” and it was agin drink with pineapple and a little bit of bubbly. It was absolutely delicious and a perfect brunch drink. I was particularly excited to find a gin drink on a brunch drink menu, as usually the cocktails for brunch are made with vodka or champagne.Β 

We ordered the Burrata as a quick starter while we sipped on cocktails and coffee. It was absolutely divine. Although it was a bit small to be called an appetizer, I might just be being bias because I literally could have eaten about 8 of these.

Although this burger might look like a normal burger…it was SO good. The presentation is nothing to write home about, but the fresh brioche bun, shoestring fries, and yummy cheddar cheese were all very clearly of the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

I wasn’t the only one to get a burger! This one, while the same, came with a side-salad and some fresh aioli and lettuce.

A breakfast sandwich was also ordered and it was made with a homemade bagel which was superb. It was a bit on the smaller side, but ingredients were well sourced and the bacon was dreamy.

The chicken and waffles, again, were plated very plainly. All the “boring” plating and presentation surprised me a little bit, as their dinner seemed so much more put together. However, the chicken and waffles were delightful, fresh, and yummy although all on the plain side.

Overall, the brunch was very relaxed, simple, and yummy. It was noting extremely special, or even that instagrammable, but it is a great staple restaurant and an easy, lowkey place to enjoy brunch, especially on a sunny day. I think the stand-outs of this brunch were the cocktails, which were absolutely delicious.