Dating in the District: Dating App Review

The DC dating scene is…an interesting one, to say the least. It also seems to be a city heavily dependent on dating apps. If you haven’t seen someone on an app date at a happy hour or restaurant, you aren’t going out enough (which is fine if that’s your thing since we loove to stay in a lot too). This week’s Dating in the District brings you our round-up & thoughts on some of the most popular dating apps around and what they are like in the district specifically.

The Big Three

From our experience (and chatting with friends) we’ve come to the conclusion that there are “The Big Three”: Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge. While there are a plethora of others (don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Farmers Only), we wanted to focus on the most-used this time around.

1. Bumble

Bumble is far and away one of out favorite apps for dating. We’ve had the most ‘success’ there and also find that the guys on this app have some great profile details (whether we agree with them or not). You can find a lot out about a person via their app deets.  The main downside is that matches expire fast, we mean too fast to keep up with most of the time (we’re just trying to live our life!) and you always have to talk first. Good jokes or a good gif can start a conversation pretty easily. We’ve also noticed that in DC, talking about your job is like taking about the weather, its the “thing” to do but it cane help you weed through people you might not necessarily vibe with. One that stands out is, “Looking for a Hillary in the streets and a Monica in the sheets” which is not only funny, but very DC. We also find that a lot of the guys that use Bumble are young, working professionals that enjoy happy hour and brunch. Not to mention, not all of them are ‘just there’ for the hookup.

2. Tinder

Tinder is well, Tinder. It has a reputation for a reason and we’ve found it is mostly accurate. DC Tinder is a whole other animal which consists of a combination of minimally clothed individuals including a healthy mix of business professional. It can be a bit of a shock (but highly entertaining) if you’re not fully prepared. We’ve noticed that peoples confidence increases exponentially (and not always for the best) when they message you on Tinder. We have both been on exactly one Tinder date and while they were both fine, it appears that most serious relationships do not come from there (at least in the DC area). Tinder, unlike Bumble and Hinge, still carries the brunt of being not really a dating app…but a hookup app. While it can be nice to see a variety of people, sometimes you know what you’re looking for and Tinder doesn’t really cater to allowing for specifications on age, distance, etc. the way other apps do. If you have any Tinder success stories, let us know! We would love to know your thoughts.

3. Hinge


One of Tess’ notoriously WORST app dates of all time (but best stores) happened with Hinge…so, needless to say she’s bias. It also requires a TON of information that you don’t always feel like giving. Like, yeah I’d rather not tell a complete stranger how my parents met…and why would they want to know, any way? Hinge, seems to be designed for starting something serious and being the most “relationship”-based app so far (minus the sites like eHarmony and In D.C. it also seems to have a larger percentage of people in the 28-30 range instead of the 24-26 range. One major flaw we’ve encountered involves its distance settings. Although you’ll set all the location preferences to specifically 1 mile radius within in DC, more often than not, youI end up matching with people as far away as Silver Spring or Arlington (sorry to put those places down, but DC is number one in our book). Hinge does ask some really helpful and, dare we say funny questions that users can complete. If you’re new to the dating scene we wouldn’t suggest starting with Hinge as it takes some time to make your profile and honestly, who’s got time for that.

Other Apps:

We don’t use Coffee Meets Bagel, Jswipe, or Happn, but lots of other people in D.C. do (and let us know what you think of them if you’re currently swiping)! In light of fair reviews, we’ll include one highly rated review and one poorly rated review. Please note that these aren’t DC-specific reviews. Anyway, here’s what they had to say:

Coffee Meets Bagel:

Coffee Meets Bagel is the anti-swipe dating app. Every day at noon, they send over pre-selected ‘bagels’ (potential matches) for you. And this app is serious – apparently, they even follow up with you after you’ve been matched with someone for a few days.

July 31st, 2017 – 4/5 stars: “People here are of higher quality and more serious than Tinder I like the idea that girls do not want to be overwhelmed by msgs and I think it does work (get more matches and have more solid conversation). The recommendation algorithm is really good I think but it also has its drawback of my bagels tend to be homogeneous in ethnicity. As an Asian guy, I did only date Chinese girls before but I am also open to white and all other races. It is like 15/21 are Chinese and 4 are Indians/Vietnamese and 2 white and I never see any black women I think.

July 30th, 2017 – 1/5 stars: “Want a heavily monetized dating app where the real world money you spend literally goes towards almost nothing that will increase your chances of a connection, this this is the app for you. Between CMB, and the app named after a bee, at least the latter doesn’t shut down your message threads unless you pay up. And never mind the much large pool of people using the later. CMB requires far and away more time spent in app than any of the other apps in order to affect tangible results. Finally, CMB please gawd fix your glitchy Facebook authentication. I updated my DFB profile six months ago and yet CMB won’t correctly display my name or age. CMB, i’m done with you. You should have taken that shark tank money…


JSwipe is the “#1 Jewish dating app”. It is a “swipe” based app, similar to Tinder and Bumble.

July 4th, 2017 – 5/5 stars: “I have heard many good things about this app and was skeptical at first! Not only have I heard first-hand from people who ended up getting married from matching on JSwipe, I myself have met a lot of quality matches in person. By far my favorite dating site for not just Jewish singles but beyond!”

July 19th, 2017 – 1/5 stars: “The only way to get new people to swipe on is f I hard quit the app and re-open. Quality of folks on here isn’t great. Also there are no sounds notifications so I always miss notifications. Very limited selection, which isn’t really the app’s fault but maybe advertise more?


So the idea behind Happn is to match with people you actually cross paths with in your day-to-day life. When you cross paths with someone who is also using the app, their profile appears and you can choose to hear them or ignore them. There are also some cool features, like seeing how many times you have crossed paths.

July 30th, 2017 – 4/5 stars: “I really thought it was another stupid platform but it really has exceeded my expectations. I think it is very fun and interesting when it comes to meeting people.”

July 30th, 2017 – 1/5 stars: “I realize there’s the whole risk of when you pass someone by it being a problem, etc. I downloaded it and literally late that same day, someone off the app emailed me at my work email to meet up. SO CREEPY. I don’t have my work email listed on my Facebook page. I live in NYC, so there are hundreds of offices in the radius I was in so I have no idea what information this app is giving out about you (on my profile I only listed my title, not the place I worked) but I wold recommend women steering clear of this for their own safety/ When I brought this issue to Happn’s attention, they didn’t even really care. So women beware.”

As far as tips, we don’t really have any because dating is just kind of weird. But, we do have some advice to take the edge off and have fun with it – Bumbling (or whatever app you prefer) on the Big Screen. While this is a common phrase among our friend group, we feel that it’s time to let you in on the secret. Bumbling on the Big Screen is some of the most fun we ever have on a couch. Plus, you’ll finally get to know your friends’ types (and what they think of your type)! Let us know your favorite (and least favorite) apps and if there are any we should be using.

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