Wednesday Reads

Tess’ Reads:

Eloise’s Reads:

  • Because everything about Wonder Woman is amazing, it seems to be trickling down into the world of fashion as well. The designers behind her iconic leather corset is becoming well-known even Rihanna wants to wear them.
  • The skincare gurus over at Into The Gloss answer so many helpful makeup and skincare related questions (I just sent Tess an article about toners today). Although creating a multi-step skincare routine can be tricky especially with so many products, ITG lays out the basics which makes it a by easier.
  • What we’ve ALL been needing, an avocado toast guide!! If you want to hear which chain has the best (and worst) check it out. To be honest, I felt like it needed more places included but maybe that should be our next post…
  • Well, I know what we’re doing this weekend. And yes, it does involve food (specifically ice cream sandwiches).
  • Last Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode was my favorite so far. I want to watch it 10 more times this week. Buzzfeed put together an amazing post on the many layers of Dany and Jons first meeting (spoilers ahead of you haven’t watched yet).