7th Street Walgreens – Your Drugstore Beauty Mecca

Walgreens is one of our happy places – there’s just SO much. And the 7th street Walgreens right by the Chinatown metro is our version of target – you go in for toothpaste and shampoo and come out with a new Vichy mask, nail polish, and half of a new line of beauty products you’ve never heard of but desperately need.

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On the second floor of this Walgreens is an entire floor dedicated to all things beauty – from your basic drugstore brands like Maybelline and Covergirl all the way to higher-end beauty lines like Vichy and Pur, this floor has it all.

I’ve actually found some of my favorite brands here, like The Balm and Soap & Glory, which we’ve done a review of in the past here. 

The Balm is a mid-range cosmetic brand, and I’ve found to be somewhere inbetween NYX and Too Faced. My two favorite products from this line would have to be “The Nudes” palette (the tan-hued tall palette on the left)) and the Mary Lou-Manizer (the lightest shade, on the middle of the second shelf)! This is a great brand to check out if you’re looking to try out a new essential that isn’t too wild and crazy.

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As mentioned before, you can check out what I think of Soap & Glory’s bath and face products above. I am still waiting to check out their make-up line, but have heard equally good things.


Of course, the store doesn’t just have great priced midline products. This Walgreen is always stocked with  long rows of classic drugstore brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, NYX, Milliania, and Covergirl. And, to keep up with growing demand, they’ve also recently added a dedicated half-shelf to sheet and face masks!


I should mention that one of the only negatives about this Walgreens is the surprsing lack of options for haircare. When I first started visited this Walgreens about 3 years ago, I was shocked that their haircare and style section was the most bland and least unique section of all. It seems they have put their money instead into luxury bath & body care, face care, and a wide makeup collection. The shampoos, conditions, hairsprays, and styling creams, gels, and tools are pretty run of the mill with no “new” or unique brands. They do carry the full line of Shea Moisture, or at least more than I’ve seen from any other Walgreens, but that is about the extent.


As mentioned before, they do have some luxury brands whose costs mimic those of Seophora or Ulta. They have a full display for Vichy, La Roche Posay, Pür, H20, No7, and more. These are great if you’re looking for a true “treat yourself moment”. It appears that Walgreens tries to mitigate sticker-price shock by covering up the prices with product descriptions. Pro-tip, if you’re looking for the price just lift up the little display with the description, the price is below!


Overall, if you’re in Chinatown and want to treat yourself to a Drugstore Sephora expereince, I’d say checking this out is a MUST! Although the prices for the higher-end brands don’t appear to be any lower, at least you can pick up your prescription, a jar of peanut butter, dishsoap, and more household items along with your luxe beauty buys.