Wednesday Reads

Tess' Reads:

  • Who said science couldn’t be sexy? Scientific American just released a steamy article that claims to teach you how to have hot sex…according to science. Read more about the science of passion and being a sex positive person here.
  • Chances are you’ve been keeping up with Game of Thrones. Have you noticied anything…kind of sexy about Euron Greyjoy? He’s not typical sexy like Jon Snow, or dashing like Gendry…but he’s got a little something something. This interviewer picks the brain of Michele Clapton, costume designer for Game of Thrones, to figure out the swagger behind Euron and the deep meaning of clothing throughout the GoT universe.
  • Did you know getting too much sleep is a thing? It is – and it can seriously effect your health and lifestyle. Check yourself before you wreck yourself with these 6 signs you’re getting too much sleep.
  • Recently, a lot of the press surrounding the royal family has been about Princess Diana, and, in particular, her relationship with her sons. But her sons weren’t her only lasting legacy, in fact, she helped inspire changes in laws surrounding the Paparazzi. Read more about that here.

Eloise's Reads:

  • As someone who likes trying any and every face product I can find (but has oily skin), Into the Gloss always has great posts to answer all of your skin-related questions like providing you with tips for oily skin which is especially helpful in DC summers.
  • I'm guessing we all love Justin Trudeau…and if should. He's basically perfect. Besides the fact that he looks perfect on the new cover of Rolling Stones, he's as well-spoken as always and I'm starting to wonder why he can't be our president either.
  • Whether you love Taylor Swift or hate her, she is a successful (and rich) woman. I love articles that highlight the successes of woman and Forbes (although it's a few months old) put together a list of the 60 Richest, Most-Successful Self-Made women in America.
  • I love Instagram and I love food so of course I was excited by this (picture heavy) post about the most instagramable foods at Disney.