Dating in the District: 15 Gifs that Sum Up Dating in D.C.

Ao04J.gifIf there’s one thing we’ve learned about dating its that D.C. is a very particular place to do it in. Dating in D.C. comes with its own set of challenges wholly unique to the district, so without further ado…

1. Accidentally putting your Bumble distance on anything above 2 miles:


2. When you (and your friend) send the first message on a dating app (together, obviously):


3. When he’s a Trump fan, and not afraid to talk about it:


4. When someone cute just moved here and asks you to show them around:


5. When the same guys pop up on the dating apps again & again because D.C. is the size of a peanut:


6. When you’re almost late because the metro is on fire:

7. When they say anything negative about bottomless brunch:

8. When you live in AdMo and they live on H street:

9. When you arrive at your date…in the summer:

10. When you find out they have a dog:

11. ย When you meet someone cute and they live on the same metro line as you:


12. When a guy tries to take you to Front Page/Mad Hatter/Brixton to “just grab a drink.”:


13. When you find out you’re playing each other in kickball on the mall next week:

14. Trying to figure out why someone looks so familiar and realizing it’s because you’ve seen them on dating apps:


15. When they say they work for the “State Department”:

And remember, whenever it gets rough out there that D.C. is…giphy.gif