Wednesday Reads [07.12.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • Do you ever get so overwhelmed by all the work you have done and still have to do that you just want to nap? Yep, well there’s a reason for that. Learn why stress makes you fall asleep.
  • Living in D.C. means dealing with a LOT of politics news, and, well, news and general. If you need to smile, check out Huffington Post’s “Good News” section for an instant pick me up.
  • Summer Blockbusters are usually renowned for being action-packed, but in the past few years they’ve added a new trait: quirkiness. This is why the best summer movies are (usually) a little quirky.
  • As someone who’s favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations, I’m (slowly) trying to learn how to cook. Check out these quick recipes that require 10 ingredients or less. And, honestly, they had me at grilled chicken tenders.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • Like any of us needed to sweat more…temperatures in the District are approaching 100 degrees on Thursday. Yay.
  • I’m sure we all have residual (negative) feelings from the iceberg in the Titanic, stay alert, one the size of Delaware has recently broken off from Antartica.
  • Because we are mere DAYS away from the return of everyone’s favorite show, Game of Thrones, here is another recap to get you excited!
  • Andy Murray being great.
  • As someone who is usually a fan of the Bachlorette and Bachelor series (sadly the last few season have been lacking), I am always excited to learn insider secrets and info from the contestants like these work out hacks.