Wednesday Reads [07.05.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • I don’t know about you, but I voraciously consume Stand-Up comedy. It’s the perfect thing to throw on while cleaning your house or when you want to laugh without having to binge a whole series or watch an entire movie. Vulture has rounded up the best acts of 2017, so far, and has clips & descriptions of each show. (Sidenote: I was thrilled to see MULTIPLE female comedians, especially Jen Kirkman’s special, Just Keep Livin’, which is my favorite of 2017).
  • One full day EVERY quarter, this company ignores email for one day. Does all hell break loose or does zen descend? Read more here.
  • Where are all my forgetful people out there? Well, if you’re worried about having something seriously wrong with your memory and have a hard time remembering certain details…don’t freak out yet! A new study purports that brains may be designed to forget old memories in order to make space for new ones, so maybe your brain is just super fast.
  • I have a new favorite gore fest…and its on cable. Blood Drive is fighting to be the must-see grindhouse, all-out crazy show of the summer. You can read more about the season opener here. As the New York Times says, “Bring an umbrella to this one: It’s raining red.”
  • After the wildfire success of Wonder Woman, what can future female directors which strong female-based stories to tell do to make sure the fire continues? Well, first off we need to stop describing what the actress(es) look like. Read more about how the time”for ignoring a character’s cultural impact in favor of discussing how good she looks in a suffragette suit may be over.”

Eloise’s Reads:

  • If you’re looking to make a change this summer and try something new in the hair department, maybe rainbow?
  • Living in a city is anything but cheap so if you’re looking to save a bit more every month, the Washington Post suggest moving one metro stop. While where we love living in the District (and outside), making a move from U Street to Columbia Heights for example, can save you about seven hundred dollars a month.
  • Because we’re all excited for GoT to return and any details about the show make me excited.
  • Although this dialect survey is a few years old (posted in 2013), it recently resurfaced while spending the fourth with family. We had fun filling it out and seeing if the NYT could guess where a few of us were from.