Wednesday Reads [06.28.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • Did you know Summer weather can actually affect your brain? According to the Huffington Post, it totally can. Check out the 5 ways the summer can give you ups (and downs) and how to best maximize your outdoor time.
  • Who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up to get through the long week before the 4th? Luckily, I found what may be considered the new bible…“A Complete History of Prince George’s Cutest and Funniest Facial Expressions.” Try not to smile. I dare you.
  • Calling out someone on their BS can be difficult, awkward, and often uncomfortable. However, this handy-dandy “Beginners Guide to Calling BS” is good for a laugh and a lesson.
  • I’ve been a bit addicted to Scientific American since subscribing to their daily newsletter (with all the long metro waits lately, I have to guarantee something juicy to read). One title in their Cognition section particularly caught my eye: “Why the “You” in an Afterlife Wouldn’t Really Be You.” Not to mention, it’s based on The Discovery,  2017 Netflix film in which Robert Redford plays a scientist who proves that the afterlife is real.
  • Most women, at some point in their life, will feel embarrassed by their period. But why? Half the population gets it! Bustle suggests that maybe the key to ending period stigma is making men period allies.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • As someone who recently made somewhat of a “career change” about a year ago, I thought this was a helpful (and quick) read with a few tips for how to make a career change.
  • Well, after what feels like an entire lifetime, Pretty Little Liars is finally over. Whether you’re sad or exhausted from the burning seven year long question, “WHO IS A?!”, you can finally find out.
  • On another segment of “What the Obamas have been doing since they left the White House” , here you go.
  • I love London so I’m especially excited to hear that it (among 4 other cities) are now “cheaper than ever” to live in. Of course this is all relative but, due to the shifts in the global economy has caused a reduction in the cost of living index.