Souk Coffee

While we were wandering around Eastern Market (and Barracks Row) last week, we got a sudden late afternoon craving for coffee. We originally headed to Pineapple & Pearls, but their coffee bar closes at 2pm on Tuesdays-Fridays (sad). However, the hostess there was incredibly nice and suggested a coffee bar we’d never heard of just 1 block up: Souk Coffee.

Souk coffee is the brainchild of the owner of Capitol Hill’s Award-Winning Boutique Bakery, The Sweet Lobby. They aim to offer a globally-inspired market and bakery. When you walk into Souk’s, it isn’t your typical cafe. Not only does it has a really cool design behind it (seriously, check out the pics below), but it has a whole hosts of items to buy – from unique spices to cocktail mixes, caramels to kitchen goods, and giftsets to earthware mugs Souk really is a place you can stop by to pick up coffee and a cute gift.

We arrived about a half hour before close (which is 6pm) and ordered iced drinks because it was SO hot out. I went with a vanilla latte and was surprised that I didn’t need to add any sweetener. You can ask E, but I am typically a sugar-holic, especially when it comes to coffee. However, I didn’t even need to add a pinch. The milk was creamy, the coffee was smooth, and I think I remarked out loud “omg this is SO good.” Buuut, I also really wanted coffee so I might have been a little biased. The price point wasn’t awful, about $4.50, but for a coffee shop that is open past the afternoon and with great ambiance and a well-crafted drink, it helped the slightly-expensive coffee see a little bit more worth it.

E got the iced chai with almond milk which was exactly what she was looking for. She said it had the perfect spice to it. You can definitely tell that they take a lot of pride in the drinks that are more aromatic and spice-filled. She drank it in about 3 minutes so I know she enjoyed it. It was about the same price as the iced coffee so fairly typical for DC coffee shops.

I was a little disappointed we didn’t have time to stop and grab a pastry, as the ones left in the case looked pretty good (especially the cookies). Not to mention, they had a hugeee tea wall with an array of delicious-sounding teas. Although we don’t head to Eastern Market as often as we’d like, the next time we do I think we’ll have to stop back for another iced beverage and the cute ambiance.