Weekly Wanderings [06.19.17]

One of my favorite authors is Sylvia Plath, despite living one of the most tortured and difficult existences due to mental illness she was able to eke out some truly beautiful, powerful, and important messages through her writing. “One Life: Sylvia Plath” is the first exploration of the poet and writer’s life in an art & history museum. The exhibition features a carefully selected array of images and objects from the Plath archives at Smith College and the University of Indiana’s Lilly Library, these two collections have never been brought together before in an exhibition. You can visit beginning June 19th at the National Portrait Gallery.

What’s better than a bar? A secret bar within a bar. And that is what the Reading Room, located within the Pertworth Citizen, is. Although it has been open for over a year, I wanted to share it with you since I’m JUST hearing about it now (and, as a book lover this is almost unacceptable). It’s a book-themed bar. It’s a self-described, 20-seat “Nerd speakeasy”, need I say more?

Looking for Bubble Tea in the district? Look no further! Check out the Washington Post’s guide to the best bubble tea. Before reading this, I felt like bubble tea hadn’t really “hit” the district yet…but it looks like I was wrong.

The Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle is this Sunday, beginning June 24th! The battle will take place Pennsylvania and Constitution Ave, between 3rd and 7th streets. There will over 30 acts performing live, tons of famous chefs, and as much BBQ as your heart desire.

Have you heard about The Salt Line? It opened only a week ago, but it’s all seafood lovers can talk about. This light and airy space is matched perfectly with rich food and a menu replete with seafood favorites. Check it out on 79 Potomac Ave, SE.