Review: Supergoop CC Cream Daily Correct

Once, I said CC Cream was the same as foundation and E’s eyes almost bugged out of her head (she’s much more the guru than me). I had recently picked up some Supergoop CC Cream Daily correct and had been using it in preparation for summer sunshine.

Supergoop is a pretty well-known brand, in fact E has been using their sunscreen this summer, and specializes in protective and proactive skincare. Because my skin gets very oily in the summer, and because I always don’t need full-coverage on work days, I decided to pick up their Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35+ to see if that would help prevent breakouts without having to go without any coverage.

This CC Cream also does not have some of the “big bads” of the beauty world, like – Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates which is one of the biggest reasons people buy SuperGoop skincare products.

One of the first things I noticed is the lack of shades, they only have 3 (fair, medium, and dark) and I was a little worried that the fair might be too fair, and the medium too dark. I still decided to go with the medium and though there is a slight ruddy aspect to it, it matched me pretty well, especially if I blend down through my neck.

Despite the lack of color choices, it claims to offer up a lot of benefits. This handy-dandy CC cream cleans to add clarity to complexion, protect from signs of photoaging (aka hyperpigmentation), and soften the looks of wrinkles and pores. It also claims that for some it could replace a daily foundation. I think the last claim is a bit of a stretch since the coverage is pretty minimal, although slightly better than a tinted foundation.

Another benefit is how my skin looks after my commute. I have a bit of a long commute, going from NW D.C. to the Mall, and have to be on several crowded metro trains a day. Not to mention, the humid walk to work. Although I usually have to blot once or twice after getting to work or returning home, I find that it doesn’t break apart and that the blotting/touch-ups I make are not as obvious as if I had been blotting or touching up my everyday foundation.

That being said, this does require some touch ups and you can’t go from work to happy hour seamlessly without re-upping. However, this does not claim to be a long-wearing CC cream, so I can’t completely say it’s a total negative.

And, as far as price, this is definitely up there at $32. But, I’ve found that you only need a squeeze or two, if that, to fully cover your face. So, although it is a bit pricey the product seems to go farther than it appears from the packaging.

Overall, I have been enjoying the benefits of being able to wear light coverage on days I head to work without having to worry about sun-damage, completely sweating off the product, and with minimal touch-ups throughout the day!