Weekend Reading [06.17.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • One thing I’ve always found fascinating are interesting sub-cultures you’d, in normal life, never knew existed. one of these is the Mermaid Wonderland at Weeki Wachee. These undersea performers act out Hans Christian Andersen–themed shows and underwater picnics for sold-out audiences. Getting to see the culture behind the scenes is immensely interesting.
  • If you haven’t heard, Amazon is buying Whole Foods. D.C. has a large number of Whole Foods. So, how will it affect our shopping? Find out here.
  • This crowfunding is trying to get housing made specifically for millennials. As housing prices rise, it is getting more and more difficult to buy a house right out. But, this platform is trying to change that.
  • Father’s day is right around the corner (no, seriously it is TOMORROW) but if you’re still worried about getting dad a good gift, check out these books which are best for dads.

Eloise’s Reads: