Holy Grail Drugstore Line: Soap & Glory

I’ll be the first to admit it – cute packaging will always get me. Cute packaging with kitschy, silly phrases emblazoned on it? Well, consider me completely sold. And, that’s exactly what Soap & Glory is.

Soap & Glory first caught my eye at my mecca, Walgreens. Now, Walgreens is no Ulta (but Soap & Glory is also sold there) or Sephora, so I’m rarely on the hunt for cute packaging and kitschy brands there…but there Soap & Glory display completely caught my eye. First of all – it is all perfectly pink, colorful, and bright. It matches vintage images of glamorous women with funny copy – some of the product line includes products like “Clean On Me”, “Motherpucker”, “Orangeasm”, and “Rich & Foamous”.


A quick run-down on Soap & Glory is it originated in jolly old England, founded by Marcia Kilgore in 2006. In her own words, she says, about her brand “‘I am proud of the company we have created, where we realised our dream of having an indie brand with indie values – and affordable prices – that caters to the masses.” This message – independence, affordability, and fun are all fundamental to the Soap & Glory brand.

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The first product I decided to try from this brand was a staple: The Righteous Butter – a body butter with shea and aloe vera…oh, and the scent? “Original Pink” – Soap & Glory’s trademark scent. I really love this body butter for a lot of reasons. Although it isn’t the most affordable product in the line at $15 it is well worth it because it lasts a LONG time. My favorite thing about this, besides the Original Pink scent, is the fact that it is one of the richest body butters I’ve ever used…that ISN’T oily. Sometimes, I find that rich body butters tend to slide around on my skin, or even leave an oily or sticky residue. This is not the case with The Righteous Butter.

At the same time I picked up The Righteous Butter, I also snagged a Clean On Me Shower Gel. Did I buy it just for the name alone? Yes. Do I regret that? No! The Clean On Me shower gel isn’t a normal gel, in fact, it’s a “clarifying” shower gel. What the hell does that mean? Well, it has “built-in-body lotion” making this product waaay thicker, but not gel like, than your normal shower gel. In fact, it kind of feels like runny lotion…in a good way. This is also scented with Original Pink.


Finally, after re-upping my purchases on a trip to Walgreens I decided to try out their skincare line. I’ve been in the market for a good, affordable cleanser for a while and Soap & Glory had three to choose from. I went with “The Fab Pore.” This cleanser has a cooling sensation which is supposed to leave skin feeling fresh & clean. I also liked that it was a foam wash, as I feel foaming cleansers do the best job of getting deep into my pores. I also like that it is very low oil. I currently use a no-oil toner, so this fits perfectly in my skincare routine. at $12 with a lot of product (I’ve had it for about 2 months and it isn’t even halfway gone), this has been my most surprsing and rewarding purchase.

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Soap & Glory also has a makeup line, which I am dying to try –  so stay tuned, a review is likely coming soon!