Paper Source (Georgetown)

If you’ve never been inside of a Paper Source store, you have been seriously missing out. Its like Michael’s…but for adults. If you’re not looking to craft or need invitations made to a party, you should still stop in. It is a party planners DREAM location. They have everything you could ever need to throw a “flamingo floatie, Hawaiian themed, margarita drinking party”.

My friend and I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring. She had never been so I wanted to make stops at a few stores I knew she would love. When you walk into Paper Source, you are greeted by everything you’ve seen on Instagram and wished you owned. I’m talking pool floaties shaped like unicorns and flamingos, Sugarfina gummies (wow are they more expensive than I anticipated), greeting cards (you know how much I appreciate a well-crafted selection), and the list goes on.

We decided to start at he front and make our way backwards just so we didn’t miss anything. If you spent your childhood (and teenage years) at the mall going from candy store to party city and back, then I’m sure you love useless knickknacks as much as I do. There was no shortage of things to buy or convince yourself you needed those tiny rubber hands like the ones Kristen Wiig uses on The Lawrence Welk Show on SNL…

I debated buying a birthday present for one of my best friends there, they had fun pom-pom tassel bags, beach bags, and drink holders/mugs that I loved, but decided to get her something a big more *adult*. My friend bough gel pens, because why not. We spent about ten minutes picking out greeting cards we didn’t need to buy just because they have such a good selection. Then we made our way to the back of the store where we ooh and aah’d over the amazing patterned sheets of paper they have. I am a HUGE Rifle Paper Co. fan so anything they make I am immediately obsessed with. 

If you’re in Georgetown or need a fun gift to buy a friend, we would definitely recommend stopping by Paper Source. If not for anything besides a bit of fun.