Dreamer (Rehoboth)

While in Rehoboth for MDW, we wandered around the main drag. We were searching for a cute place to grab coffee and stumbled upon the new cafe called “Dreamer”. It was v. Instagramable and looked like it belonged in California. We were happy to find out that the shop took cards. A lot of places in beach towns are notorious for being cash only which we ran into a few times.

Since it was a tad chilly (chilly meaning 70 degrees) I decided to get a Mocha with almond milk. T also went with a Mocha, and Meg went with a latte (or a coffee, I can’t remember). While waiting for our drinks to be made, we chatted about the cups. They were seriously beautiful. We each decided on the one we liked best and hoped that the barista would choose that one. I got lucky and ended up with my top choice.

The drinks were really good and the perfect temperature. The only downside is that they were expensive. Living in DC, we’re used to overpriced coffees and drink them with minimal complaints because they’re delish and #treatyoself. But, it burns a little when you have to spend $6 on a medium sized beverage.

Although we didn’t get any of the smoothies or snacks, we were very tempted by the Acai bowls and juices. Who doesn’t love a freshly made fruity thing while they wander around the beach? I’m sure we’ll be back next time we’re down at the beach, it was too cute to resist!