Don’t Waste Your Commute – Learn Something!

Let’s face it sometimes when walking to work, metroing, or getting into yet another Uber pool (that is somehow always cheaper than the metro) it can feel like you’re wasting time. Those 30 minutes could have been spent doing something “else”. But what is that something else, and how can we make better use of tiny slivers of time? If your daily commute runs you 20 minutes, that’s 40 minutes a day, 3.3 hours a week, and 15 hours a month. That’s a lot of time to just sit on your phone, look out the window, or listen to music. So, what’s a busy millennial to do? What about podcasts.
We already have a post talking about T’s top 10 favorite podcasts (check them out here), but most of those are entertainment based – true crime, stories, news. But what about podcasts that can teach you an actual skill? Something that, when you finish listening to a few episodes you can go out and do. Well, if that sounds like your thing, I have some suggestions for you!
1. Hey, cooking skills aren’t just found in books and television shows, they can be in podcasts, too! Plan your latest meal, figure out your grocery store list, and get some great tips with Splendid Table.
Suggested Episodes:
2. Want to get better at your job on your way to your job? Check out The $100 MBA. They focus on a “real world” approach to teaching business, “with real business lessons from real entrepreneurs in the real world.”
Suggested Episodes:
3. Do you want to literally learn how do anything? Well the podcast “How to Do Everything” might be able to help you out with that. It is a listener based podcast where you can send in questions ranging from “How do I make tea?” to “How do I break up with my boyfriend”, and everything in between. Please note this podcast wrapped at the end of 2016, however with over 250 episodes I highly suggest checking out some of their backlog.
Suggested Episodes:
3. Want to train your brain? Check out Good Job, Brain! This podcast has trivia to make you the star of your bar-trivia team, brain teasers, quizzes, and tests to keep your mind sharp.
— T