Dupont Farmers Market

Who doesn’t love heading to a farmers market on a Sunday morning? If you’re a fan of fresh fruit and homemade products like us, and you haven’t already stopped by the Dupont Farmers Market you should. It’s open every Sunday, 10am to 1pm (January to March 2017) and 8:30am to 1:30pm (April to December 2017). I will say, it is the best to visit during Summer because the weather in the mornings is cooler and the streets are full of all different types of stalls with seasonal offerings. 

Whether you’re planning on actually buying your weekly produce, or just going for a stroll there is something for everyone’s interest. I should note, I was a bit disappointed with myself for not looking into recipes ahead of time, and then buying everything at the market. I was actually surprised about how much actual grocery shopping you could do here, in fact there are more than a few options of spots that carry farm-raised, grass-fed (etc, etc) meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, and more.

A few other spots that I like to peruse are the flower stands because they always have the best ready-made bouquets and perfectly styled succulent pots that you wish you were creative enough to make yourself. We typically stop by the coffee stand (last weekend it was Zeke’s Coffee) or the lemonade stand (which I can’t remember the name of right now) since it’s always best to wander the market with an overpriced beverage in hand.

Since it was SO hot last weekend, we decided to get breakfast (and could not stand the thought of something heated) at Cowbell Kitchen. It’s a super cute spot that has smoothie bowls, pressed breakfast sandwiches, and pastries, not to mention the nicest people work there. My friend and I both had smoothie bowls topped with chia seed pudding and homemade granola. They were delicious and definitely helped cool us down. While they’re not inexpensive, they are made with all fresh ingredients from other farms and we like to support local companies whenever possible. Side note: they put the prettiest edible flowers on your bowl which is such a nice detail.

Have I talked about the samples yet? Because OMG the samples! Who doesn’t love free food? Most of the fruit and veggie stalls have at least one thing they let you sample, typically the fruit or veggie of the season. This time around it was tomatoes and strawberries. We also got popsicles from the tiny  Pleasant Pops cart. My friend and I both went with Hibiscus Pomegranate, which was as refreshing as it sounds. They’re made with real ingredients so they don’t taste like synthetic sugar – two thumbs up for popsicles.

If you’re looking for a low-key weekend activity, we would definitely recommend wandering through the Market. While there are a fair few people who go, it’s never overwhelming and everyone is on the same, slow-walking, casual page.