Salt & Sundry

So, if you’ve already read our post on Little Leaf, you know that we love these sister store. They’re the perfect combination of a boho, laid-back, dinner party host who has the best jewelry collection ever. I really don’t know how else to describe the vibe. To put it simply, I want to own everything in the entire S&S store.

For starters, the window display was filled with hanging colorful pom-poms (hello 90’s) and decorative pillows. When you walk in, it smells good. That was the only point I was going to make in my last sentence. I have the tendency to pick up, smell, touch, or investigate everything in stores and Salt & Sundry is no exception. I think I smelled every candle in the entire store and am proud to report that I liked them all. I am the first to admit that I am hard to please when it comes to candles so touché S&S.

My friend was in town visiting and we were looking for a gift for another friend. I knew this would be the perfect place to find one. We stopped by on a Saturday morning so it was still too early for many people to be up. We wandered around the store for about thirty minutes and said “this is so cute” too many times to count. The store is a great place to pick up a present for a friend, decorate your apartment, bring a hostess gift, or treat yourself to a pair of earrings.

They also (like Little Leaf) have an amazing selection of cards. I’ve recently discovered that DC’s card game is on point. The city has a surprisingly great collection of birthday, wedding, baby, anniversary cards in the most random places like Ace Hardware (seriously – ask where the card section is next time you’re on 14th), both of these sister shops, Paper Source, etc.

If you’re attending a housewarming party, dinner party, BBQ, or any other festivity in the coming weeks, they have a really cool selection of drink mixes and accoutrements. Things like coasters, decanters, spices, sauces, etc line the shelves closest to the back. The one thing I will say is that everything worth buying (aka the entire store) will cost you. While it’s not ridiculously expensive or completely unaffordable, you will be making in investment in whatever you buy (even the cards are a few more dollars that the Hallmark ones). But, everything we picked up (or looked at) was good quality and well-made.

Next time you’re wandering down 14th with your overpriced iced coffee (I’m a big fan of those) and croissant, stop by, even if it’s just to browse!