Rehoboth Ave Rainy Day Must-Sees

No one likes a rainy day at the beach…and if you do, you’re probably crazy (or just really hate getting sunburned). But, just because there is rain falling down doesn’t mean you’re doomed to stay indoors or forced to flee to the outlets. In fact, you could easily spend the afternoon on the Rehoboth Avenue (often referred to as “the Ave”), the main throughway of this bright beach town.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a beach house in Rehoboth my entire life. I grew up here and have lived here longer than I’ve lived in any other house, so it feels like “home.” And, because a lifetime spent at the beach means I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of rainy beach days, I have some great tips for you.

First of all, don’t evacuate the beach – you’ll just get stuck in traffic. Instead, leave your car parked at whatever beach you were at (hey, you paid for parking) and take a quick jaunt to the ave. Most people flee the beach immediately, since, ya know, the main attraction is done for. But, this just means the ave is that much more easy to enjoy without its normal massive crowd.

I like starting at the top of the ave and then working my way down, across, and back-up. The side with Candy Kitchen (not to be confused with Dolle’s) is where I suggest starting, if you plan on shopping. Going down this side has some of my favorite stores: Downtown Cowgirl, Quiet Storm, South Moon Under, and the new addition, Anthro-inspired Coral Cove. There are also some great places to grab coffee like the new ave-favorite, Dreamer and the old standby (cash only!) Cafe Papillion. While some of these stores can get a bit pricey (including the coffee, which can cost you up to $7!) they often have great sales going on, especially on holiday weekends or during the off-season.

My favorite beach-store, a la the Jersey Shore variety, is Sunsations. They carry WW’s new favorite beachwear line: Ocean Drive. Which, likely, is the coziest and comfiest beachwear you can get at any beachwear store. Although a toooouch overpriced, it’s actually super cozy and durable, not to mention highly customizable. Coming here is a must for those who want some Rehoboth swag and a friendship bracelet (or two).

This side also has Penny Lane – which is a cute little side street with the aforementioned Cafe Papillion, and a few other little giftshops dotting the pathway. It is definitely one of Rehoboth’s most ‘grammable side-streets, even on a rainy day.

As for the other side of the ave, there is my all-time favorite store: Browseabout Books which is great for picking up a beach read, cheap-used classic, and a ton of gifts (no, seriously it’s like half toy store in there). There is also Bella Luna, which E loved for jewelry and I loved for housewares (they have those awesome 70s-inspired illustrated tumbler sets).

A rainy day at the beach might seem glum, but with the ave emptied out, it’s the perfect time to do some shopping, grab a coffee, and finish off with a slice of pizza from grottos and a touch of taffy from Dolles.