Weekend Reading [06.02.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • Most of us are accustomed to summer being synonymous with big summer blockbusters…but an indie film I’ve been dying to see is coming to the big screen, although it lacks a lot of the car chases, explosions, and muddled romances of many action movies. E may hate me for this (especially if I make her watch it) but it’s called “It Comes At Night” and it might be the best horror movie out this summer. You can read the review, watch the trailers, and get a brief (no spoilers) synopsis here.
  • Ever heard of a Bail Bondsman? Maybe, maybe not – or maybe you’ve seen their offices looming over slightly decrepit neighborhoods. But are they bad guys? One Bail Bondsman wants to tell his side of the story. This is a really interesting read about a career that is barely talked about.
  • Heads up…your drunk self isn’t that different from your sober self, according to a new study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology. While we might behave a little differently, it’s probably not as drastic as we think it is. So stop blaming drunk you for mistakes! Read an overview of the study on The Science of Us.
  • Where are all my #girlbosses at? What about my #youngbosses? In the growing world, it is more and more common to have bosses that are closer in age to you…but what if you become the boss of someone older? Read these tips on how to be a great boss, even when you’re younger than other upper-management, and maybe even the people you oversee.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • As a huge fan of the Marvel movies, there are very few strong female characters so it’s about time that Wonder Woman got some attention. Here is some insight into why it took so long for the movie to be made. The reviews have been really positive which just adds to the excitement.
  • I’m sure I’ve mentioned this 100 times on here but I love to travel, read about traveling, stalk flights on Skyscanner, etc. so I thought this was a fun post (with pictures) highlighting over fifty places to visit in 2017.
  • To continue on the travel train, since Cuba is becoming an increasingly popular spot, the shift in US policy may impact any travel you’re planning to the country.
  • If you wander around DC, you’re sure to see all of the murals including the infamous Ben’s Chili bowl one. New faces including Prince, the Obamas, and more that have yet to be reviled.
  • Well this is terrifying, a naked man was caught on security footage trying to break into a Bethesda home (and yes, there is video).