Lupo Italian Kitchen

Being a Rehoboth native means I’ve pretty much tried everything the ave has to offer, or so I thought. I’d often driven by the cute yellow hotel located at the bottom of the ave, but had never ventured in because, well, I don’t stay at hotels here, so why eat at them? I’m happy to say I was proven wrong and by not dining at Lupo, I was missing some seriously good Italian food…and sangria.

Lupo is located inside Hotel Rehoboth, facing the ave. It’s small, so make sure to get a reservation decently early, especially if you’re dining with a party bigger than 4. One thing I loved as soon as I sat down was the service – the waiter was kind, attentive, and happy to answer any questions about the menu. He didn’t even scoff when he came by TWICE and we still weren’t ready to order apps (we were too busy chatting and sipping on our drinks).

I opted for a light and fruity white wine sangria, while E went for a “extra dirty” martini. Now, I put “dirty” in quotations because…it wasn’t dirty. However, the waiter tried to right this wrong. In my opinion, it was the only negative about the meal. And hey, it’s E’s fault…I mean who likes olive juice? Yuck! 😉 With our drinks we got some warm, fresh-baked foccicia bread which they sliced off in huge hunks.

For apps, we got a large variety because we just couldn’t pick one. We opted for the grilled artichokes – which were delicious, and I really liked the touch of sea salt and lemon. We also got the old school veal meatballs which were in a delightfully light tomato sauce. The whole table loved these. As someone who doesn’t like tomato sauces, especially heavy ones, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them. Finally, we got the burrata which was clearly the table favorite. E loves pretty much every type of cheese but burrata is a favorite and almnost always a crowd pleaser.

For my main, I went with Lemon-Marsacopone Agnolotti. I was incredibly surprised that this dish really had a lot of flavor, but how fresh it tasted. Every bite was a little different, in the best way possible. E described the filling of the agnolotti has “the inside of a lemon meringue” which, may sound a bit strange for an entree, but matched with the light sauce and the spring medley of fresh roasted vegetables it made for a mouth-watering experience. You know when you eat so fast, you don’t even realize how fast you’re eating until all your food is suddenly gone? Yeah, that’s how I felt about this pasta.

Since we had a bunch of apps to share, E went with the caesar salad. The presentation was beautiful and the dressing was obviously homemade. It was surprisingly filling for a salad. She likes anchovies and was more than okay that a few full ones were layered on top. They did a great job of removing that hard stump at the bottom of the lettuce (which not all restaurants do properly) so it was easy to cut.

And then, of course, came my favorite part of the night: dessert! We got a sampling of all the desserts, which was great because the menu, though small, really offers a lot of variety. I went for the apple bread pudding topped with a scoop of caramel gelato and butterscotch sauce. I really enjoyed this dish, especially the pastry, but wish the apples had been just a touch more tender.

My sister and friend opted for a double scoop of vanilla and caramel gelati (it’s so good you can’t just get one), and the limoncello sorbet with honeycomb. I really enjoyed both of these, especially the limoncello as it really packed a punch (and is a dairy free dessert!) Finally, Eloise got what I think ended up being the best dessert: the nutella pudding crisp. This is not the desserts real name, I just can’t remember it…but, I’ll let E take it from here. It was so good! I forced the rest of T’s family to try it and it received lots of thumbs up. It was basicalyl a chocolate pudding (that tasted like nutella) with a crunchy cookie base. It was topped with whipped cream and these airy-flaky sprinkles on top.

Overall we had a really great meal. The table was wide enough that you could fit everything and everyone was able to talk across it. Our waiter was very attentive and made sure that we had all the food (and beverages) we needed throughout the meal. We would definitely recommend stopping by for dinner!