Weekend Reading [5.20.17]

Tess’s Reads:

  • Although it isn’t quite as tantalizing of a mystery as Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, why cotton balls are always in aspirin has always boggled me. Well, consider that mystery solved – you can read why your favorite headache pill always comes with a fluffy friend.
  • While I may not be digging what’s happening with our government right now, I’ve had a grand time skipping over the pond and watching all of Pippa Middleton’s – sister-in-law to the royal family – wedding extravaganza. The pictures are finally here and they will fill you with joy.
  • As a once-upon-a-time film & media major, I often bristle at giant, multi-movie franchises…but couldn’t quite figure out why. Then, this article happened – movies in cinematic universes focus more on mythology and world-building instead of the actual story. Read more about why cinematic universes are making films worse now.
  • The Washington Post and the New York Times, despite the White House Staff & President constantly calling them “fake news”, are continuing to smash previous traffic records. Read more about why great news still matters, here.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • If you’ve glanced at celebrity news this week, you’ll know Jennifer Lawerence has been all over it for dancing on a stripper pole during a friend’s birthday party. But, she’s not apologizing for having a good time…and I kind of love that. Read more about her non-apology here.
  • An old dog can’t learn new tricks…says who? Read more about the top 5 popular myths about learning and see why they’re total bull$#it.
  • Now that we’ve made it through that horrible week of cold & rain…it’s practically winery season! Check out the top, most instagramable vineyards close to D.C. here.
  • Are you making this mistake when you’re enjoying a crisp glass of rosé? Find out now.