Lush Review: Twinkle Toes

I adore living in D.C. – I never want to leave. But, there is one thing that has been a continuing challenge throughout my 5 years in the district – humidity. Now, naturally some people sweat more than others. I am one of those people, particularly my feet. This predilection towards sweating matched with the high humidity of D.C. makes for quite an issue that no one really wants to talk about – stinky feet!

I’ve tried just about everything from the basics (goldbond powder and changing socks 1-2 times per day) to the out-there solutions (changing my diet, foot sheet masks, and natural balms). Although certain things can work, I’ve never really been “wow’d” by any of these fixes.

On a recent trip to Lush, I wanted to give their “foot section” a try. I’ve fallen in love with their soap & body lines, so I had high hopes for this section. They have a variety of foot-specific products, like foot soaps & soaks, foot masks, and various lotions. However, I was particularly drawn to the drier side – the powders!

Lush has two foot powders to choose from, T for Toes and Twinkle Toes. T for Toes and Twinkle Toes are more or less than same, just the scents and essential oils used are different. T for Toes contains tea tree and lime essential oils, and Twinkle Toes rose and geranium and an uplifting note of neroli. However, Twinkle Toes also has benzoin resinoid. Benzoin resinoid specifically works to fight and stave smell away, and that’s super important to me!

You can apply Twinkle Toes directly into your shoe or onto your feet, or sprinkle some in your socks. I decided to put this to the maximum test: the morning commute! I sprinkled some in my flats, and also rubbed some on my foot.

The scent was surprisingly bright and airy, and not cloying like most powders are. I also liked the bit of sparkle (hence the twinkle) that was in the powder – it made it feel like a fun beauty product, instead of a slightly embarrassing necessity.

I have about a 15 minute walk to the metro and can usually feel the sweat starting. I made it through my whole walk, and down both escalators of the metro, and still felt noticeably dry.

This feeling continued throughout work, which was pleasantly surprising. However, my office is notoriously chilly and I mostly sat at my desk that day (ate lunch in office and only had 2 meetings) so this isn’t wildly impressive.

I didn’t bring the bottle with me (which is small and would totally fit in a purse) so I couldn’t re-apply, but I wanted to test it one more round. After work, I met my friends at a bar and decided, since it was nice and I got off work earlier, to walk the 45 or so minutes there. The sun was shining and it was a perfect potential sweaty storm.

Now, on this walk – the powder didn’t quite stop the sweat. I think if I would have reapplied, it might have worked. But, I need to test it with reapplying a bit more.

However, when I finally arrived home after leaving at 7:15am and returning around 9:00pm, took my shoes off…my feet didn’t smell quite as bad as I expected! Although the sweat wasn’t totally kept at bay for 10+ hours, I think it did minimize the odor left behind.

Overall, if you have similar sweaty-foot issues, I’d give this a try!