Tips for Shopping at Crossroads (14th)

Recently, we visited the 14th street location of Crossroads. Crossroads is a resale fashion chain that’s been around for about 25 years. Not only can you find great scores, like J. Crew dresses for $16.99 and Joe brand jeans for $28.99, but you can also resell your gently used clothing!

Heading into the shop can be quite overwhelming. It is organized by color and size and type of clothing (pants, dresses, etc) but other than that, it’s pretty random. While we did spend an excessive amount of time in the store (we kept finding more things we loved), we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of takeaways:

  1. Take your time! This seems like the most obvious, but you’d be shocked at how much time you can spend here, so make sure to leave yourself at least an hour if you’re really looking to score some great pieces. For example, if I had given up after my first batch of search + trying on, I would have left the store empty handed. Don’t get discouraged, as Dory says “just keep swimming.” If we’re being honest, we accidentally spent 3 hours in the store and came away with 6-8 “new” things each.
  2. Don’t just stick to your size, unlike many stores where if you’re a medium or an 8 or a size 7.5 shoe, sizing is anything but typical here. We found great pieces in sizes that I would typically consider too small or too big. Also – remember – this isn’t a typical retail store, so sometimes sizes will be misplaced. And, since these items have been worn by previous owners, washed, dried, etc. they are likely to fit differently than the traditional sizes.
  3. Pay attention to the “staff picks” and “new arrivals” sections. You can find the staff picks in the middle of the store, in-between the men and women’s clothing on round racks. The new arrivals are staggered racks towards the far end of the check out counter. There are some great finds that are unlike many things on the floor on the regular racks! We found the ‘new arrivals’ section at the end and although its a little pricier (since they’re new items) that was where we found the best stuff.
  4. Try everything on. Although I hate having to try on clothes, especially ones that may have been previously owned, I tried every item I was thinking about buying on. It’s not worth it to find out that it doesn’t fit after you get home and can only return for store credit (within 7 days and with a receipt). We ended up making friends with the women who was attending to the dressing room which allowed us to try on more than the allotted amount.
  5. Don’t go “looking” for something. Honestly, this is not the place (nor is any consignment or vintage store) to actively try and find a specific piece. I’ve found that any time you go into a store with something in mind, it will be the one time that item doesn’t exist. Enter with low expectations and an open mind, trust us, you’ll find something you love.