Iron Gate (Brunch)

Iron Gate is, arguably, one of the city’s most lovely places to enjoy a meal. The building itself looks unassuming from the front, but on the inside is a dynamic space. You first enter through the carriageway bar – a narrow, but warmly lit and decorated, bar area with some scattered seating and high ceilings. Then, you continue into Iron Gate’s centerpiece: the open-air, garden patio with flowers everywhere and a branch/lattice-like ceiling. Finally, you arrive at a warm large dining room.

When we went for brunch, sadly, it was a bit rainy and cold so we were unable to eat in the patio area. We opted for the dining room, which was warm and cozy. There were several rustic, but elegant, design aspects like large wooden tables mixed with leather covered chairs and a view into the kitchen, which we always like.

After we were seated, our waiter came around and “explained” the menu to is. It seemed pretty self-explanatory, however his description made it a little bit more confusing. The way our waiter described it made it seem like every plate was a small plate, meant to be shared. When, in reality, the “entree” section were traditional entrees whereas the other sections were tapas-style and multiple should be ordered to split.

A few of the guests are our table got mimosas which we’re told were perfect. But E and I stuck to orange juice that was just squeezed since we we’re in the mood for anything alcoholic. Since it can be very hit or miss with restaurant OJ, it’s nice when you can tell its fresh squeezed.

We decided to begin with two sweeter options: the crispy yeast doughnuts with orange blossom syrup and the warm phyllo pie.

I found the yeast doughnuts absolutely yummy – the syrup was light and fresh, and the doughnuts were the perfect amount of sweet. Additionally, the serving size was pretty “big” (we’re using quotes here because both of us can eat about four regular sized donuts each) – we split among six of us and there were still some to spare! Definitely a must-get. The phyllo pie was also a pretty good sized serving, however I found this to be a bit, for lack of a better word, mushy. The flavor didn’t really punch through and the texture didn’t help. E on the other hand, liked the pie more and thought it was creamy, with the nice crispy top layer phyllo should have.

As for the mains, I was the only one at the table who didn’t get poached eggs (seriously, this group was very egg-cited for poached eggs). I went with a less breakfast-y option and chose a burger. Now, I typically lean towards pancakes or other more typical dishes, but I was really craving a burger. We were surprised at the size of the menu and the fact that it was egg-heavy and had less “options” than a typical brunch has.

The wait for the food was a bit long, especially since the patio was empty and the dining room had less than 5 tables full. However, this just gave us more time to chat
(which we never have trouble doing), but I did find it a little strange.

Tess’ Thoughts

Unfortunately, the burger came out completely raw. After the aforementioned long wait, I found this really surprising. I got a hold of the waiter and sent it back. After a few more minutes of waiting, it came out again. It was still a little pinker than what I’d like it, but figured it was for the best. Sadly, after the second cooking they used the same bun and it was soggy and, in some places, even a little burned. The burger itself was overcooked on the outside and pink on the inside…still. I was quite disappointed. The burger also came with a side of baked potato chips, which I found yummy – but nothing to write home about.

Eloise’s Thoughts

I chose the poached eggs on sausage and has browns. As a lover of bread (any card in general really), I am always a little sad when the bread component of Eggs Benedict is left out. While I’m all for innovation and trying new things, I still like to have something ‘carby’ on the plate. That being said, the eggs were poached perfectly, which is definitely not always the case. I LOVE potatoes, I really do, and in every form. I thought the hasbrown patty was delish but am not a huge fan of sausage and could have done without that. It did come with a small side salad on the plate covered in a some type of balsamic glaze.

Overall, we had a really nice time despite the weather. We were a little disappointed with our meals as we felt like Iron Gate is absolutely gorgeous and we’ve heard nothing but good things. We would definitely give it another go as the dinner might be more of their “thing” and we’d love a chance to sit in the garden. The front bar/coffee area also looked like a great place to catch-up with a friend or go on a day-date.