You might remember a little Italian restaurant right off M street called “Paper Moon”. Well, it’s recently been rebranded as Flavio. After a (major) disappointment with the Georgetown French Market, we headed down M in hopes of finding something for lunch…and a little wine to ease our sadness.

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We were all craving something either Italian, American Pub food, or Mexican. Obviously we were all on a different pages. Although I didn’t quite recognize Paper Moon’s facelift and new name, I soon realized what it was and suggested we head there for lunch.

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It isn’t the cheapest place to eat, but for Georgetown fare it was pretty reasonable priced. You can get a pizza or salad for $10-12, and entrees could run you anywhere from $14-25.

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It should also be noted that this place has delicious (and seemingly endless) fluffy bread with garlic and olive oil.

The waitstaff was helpful, without being overly attentive, and were happy to wait while we decided what to order. Three of us got white wine (Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio), and one of us got Prosecco. All of our wine hit the spot (nothing too write home about) and while I didn’t try the Prosecco, it looked perfectly bubbly. We felt that the glasses were on the higher side, which we tend to consider anything over $8 “pricey” and these were closer to the $9-$12 range.

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It was especially nice to enjoy some refreshing drinks, as the entire front of the restaurant opens in huge windows. It was nice to get out of the heat, while still being able to enjoy the sunshine.


Tess’ Thoughts

For my order, I went with an Italian classic – fettuccine Alfredo. The sauce was the perfect blend of light cream and cheese. Sometimes Alfredo sauce can be too thick, especially on a hot day, but I felt that this was a really nice middle point. However, it wasn’t super flavorful, and not the best I’ve ever had. The serving size was pretty big and, if I hadn’t been starving, I would have probably been able to take half home.

Eloise’s Thoughts

I had the spaghetti bolognese. To be completely honest, I thought I was going to be disappointed by this dish. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was bigger that I imagined and actually tasted really good. It can be hard to do bolognese well so I was totally content with my choice. I had enough to bring some home so it didn’t feel like the overall price I paid was crazy.


The friends that we went with, shared house salad. They we’re pretty neutral about their dishes. They also had a pizza and angel hair with tomato sauce. They wasn’t the best, but it was exactly what we all needed to get through the rest of our shopping.

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Overall, Flavio is a great place to grab a quick bite with great service. It worked for us that day but wasn’t the best Italian we’ve had in the city. Although the food isn’t anything dynamic or out of the ordinary – it was tasty and works if you’re looking for something easy in the area. Overall, everyone’s bill was around $35 each which felt high for lunch but everything tends to be a bit more expensive in Georgetown.