Why You Need A Champagne Cocktail (And how to make one the right way)

We’ve all lusted after a Champagne cocktail (even one made with prosecco or cava instead). A bubbly concoction mixed with a lovely and light fruit juice. However, it appears we’ve all been doing it wrong.


Rule number one – Probably don’t use actual champagne. Yep. You heard it here – make Champagne cocktails without champagne (even Vogue agrees). Instead, bartenders suggest using prosecco. Its light and almost tasteless, which makes it perfect for blending it. You can mix it with a wide array of flavors and textures and still come away with a great tasting, classy as hell drink. If you insist on making an authentic Champagne cocktail, you have to keep its flavors in mind. Champagne tends to have a nuttier, honeyed, and savory taste compared to lighter drinks.

Rule number two – Remember that, like any cocktail, champagne cocktails should consist of three elements:

  1. Fruit
  2. Sweetener
  3. Alcohol

For reference, the classic Champagne cocktail is made with Champagne, bitters, and a lemon rind.

Rule number 3 – Keep in mind the type of alcohol you’re using to make your cocktail. If you’re using a Champagne that is naturally sweet, add an ingredient that will balance it out. If you’re using a more flavorless booze, try mixing in stronger fruit flavors, or even something bolder like mint.

Rule number 4 – When drinking a Champagne cocktail remember to act like you’re in a Bond movie. It makes it more fun.





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