Apps of the Moment: What We Can’t Live Without

Hi my name is Eloise and I am addicted to my iPhone….but I mean, who isn’t?! I officially bought my own phone and plan which feels like the final step in #adulting. That being said, I am now an expert on all things app-related (joking). But, I did decide to compile a list of my most-used apps in the off chance that they may help you.

  1. Overdrive: This is probably the best app on my entire phone. About two years ago, I went to the DC Public Library (yes they still exist) and signed up for a library card. The best part of having a library card is the audiobooks! Overdrive lets you log in and download books and/or audiobooks. I have downloaded Harry Potter (all 7) and listen to them on my walk to work. Do yourself a favor and download this one, you can thank me later.
  2. Rain Rain: As someone who has trouble falling asleep (and is easily stressed), I have found this app to be crucial to my bedtime routine (especially when traveling). It’s nice to have background noise (hand picked from a plethora of options) to calm you and help you stay asleep.
  3. Mint: A visual money tracker that keeps you up-to-date on your spending habits (note to self, stop buying coffee). It has great visuals and graphics that make, dare I say, tracking bills, fun? There is also a real website to help you see everything on a more granular level. If you’re new to budgeting (or trying to start) this is a must-have.
  4. Hopper: lf you’re planning a trip or thinking about it, download this one. It’s especially great if you have flexibility with your dates (and know the destination) or, you know your destination (and are nailing down a date based on availability). We are in the process of planning (or trying to plan) a July 4th girls-trip. It alerts you to changes in fares, the best time to buy, and what prices typically look like, all based on historical data.