Ice Cream Jubilee

This block on 14th Street is slowly becoming one of our favorites, with spots like Colada (check out our review here) and Taqueria Nacional, it’s hard to avoid. And now we have another reason to love it: ice cream. More specifically, Ice Cream Jubilee. Ice Cream Jubilee is a new(ish) addition to the street and now that it is spring, what’s better than a little ice cream outside?

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Ice Cream Jubilee, it should be noted, is LITTLE. There are about 3 2-seater tables out front, 3 benches on the side of the building, and 1 short bench on the front. Inside seating is equally sparse, and it was a bit warm so we’d recommended trying to grab a coveted outdoor spot. Although it is a little spot, the decor is fun and charming – there is a faux-grass wall, lots of pastel colors, and some happy sayings.

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Now, let’s get to the good stuff…the ice cream! Ice Cream Jubilee has some really fun flavors. If you’re looking to get a regular sundae with a ton of toppings, this probably isn’t for you (although a more bare-bones sundae is available, as well a 1/4 pound ice cream sandwich). However, if you enjoy interesting and well-crafted flavors, Jubilee could be right up your alley! Some of the flavors include: banana bourbon caramel, gin & tonic, and cold-brew coffee. However, they also have classics like mint chocolate chip, cookies & cookie dough, and chocolate.

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I opted for mint chocolate chip and cookies & cookie dough. The mint chocolate chip was good, but nothing too special. However, the cookies & cookie dough was divine! This a cookie dough ice cream with a swirl of crushed cookies, and I really liked that twist on such a classic flavor. I also got some hot fudge on top. Now, I am a hot-fudge aficionado, so I was VERY worried they might try to pawn some chocolate syrup off on me. However, I was pleasantly surprised with a hearty coating of thick, perfectly chocolate fudge.

Eloise went for some more exotic flavors and got a double scoop of Thai iced tea and honey lemon lavender. The Thai iced tea was incredibly smooth and creamy – and not too sweet – and actually tasted like Thai iced tea! The honey lemon lavender was also really refreshing and was filled with lemon rind so that flavor really popped. However, I didn’t really taste the honey coming through too much. Overall, both flavors were really interesting and definitely not something you could pick up just anywhere.

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Now, price-wise, it is a little more than what you’d typically spend on ice cream. However, it’s pretty much what is expected from a DC-based, custom, trendy ice cream shop. It isn’t outrageous…but it isn’t completely reasonable. We should also mention you can grab a to-go pint in the freezers, just in case you want to enjoy this treat in the comfort of your own home.

We’d also like to thank The Washingtonians for featuring us in their article “These Instas of People Enjoying Ice Cream Jubilee Will Get You in the Mood for Summer” – scroll down to see our original post!