Weekend Reading [04.22.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • There’s no Correspondents Dinner this year is cancelled, which is a bummer as there are always some great moments from this event. However, you can still get a fix. Check out this article on what it was like to write jokes for Obama!
  • “Fake sugar” is something that has been around for seemingly ever. It’s banal multicolor-packaging presence is at every diner, restaurant, and coffee shop in America, more or less. But the story of how it was approved is anything but banal, in fact, it’s a little scary.
  • For many of us city-dwelling millennials, thinking about going to the suburbs is a far away thought and, for some, even a nightmare. However, The Washington Post thinks the next thing we’re going to shake up is the housing market in the suburbs.


Eloise’s Reads:

  • While I’m not the biggest fast food fan, T is another story. I picked this article because I know she would appreciate (and try) all of these fast food wine pairings.
  • Not that we needed another reason to love Emma Watson, but she can’t keep Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel straight either.
  • Pulling back the curtain on blogging, food blogging specifically, is super interesting (at least to me). Here is a cool round up a well-known food blogger and what their income, expenses, and profit are.
  • Since Tokyo is on my list of travel destinations I would love to visit so reading any “blank” hours in “blank” list make me even more excited.