Meridian Hill Park

We’re big picnic people, and by that we mean we love to eat, talk, and hangout with our friends in nice weather. This past Easter weekend we wanted to spend some time with our besties so we decided to have a picnic in Meridian Hill Park.

What to Pack:

  • A blanket/quilt: We saw a lot of people at the park on various towels or, *gasp*, nothing. Although it may seem like you will dirty a blanket, a sturdy quilt can withstand a lot and as long as you pick a darkly colored quilt and a not-so-patchy part of the park to lay it on top of, a quick run through the washer will take out any dirt. It’s a lot more enjoyable to be sitting on something than laying on the dirt.
  • Wine/Sangria: Okay you’re not technicaaaallly allowed to drink at the park. But, let’s be real, when we were there at 3pm on a Sunday most people were. Some people were brazen about it and openly pouring from glass wine bottles, and others, like us, we’re more subtle. The plastic-bottle Trader Joe’s sangria was perfect for us!
  • A good book: So, this can be a lofty goal. We went with a group of friends and ended up talking most of the time instead of reading (psst. we’re in a book club and this is the book we brought). However, if you’re going on a solo trip the park is the perfect place to catch some rays and words.
  • A snack: Yes, the food is our favorite part of any activity. We stopped by Trader Joe’s the day before to grab a few items like fruit, popcorn, hummus/pita chips, and brownies. Since it does get hot in the late afternoon, we’d recommend bringing semi nonperishable items.
  • Wipes: Because we spill everything and hate having sticky hands.

When to Go:

  • The park is unsurprisingly busiest when the weather is nice but, whenever we plan a visit, there is always enough room for everyone.
  • If you prefer to be surrounded by less people, head toward the “top”, the farther from the main entrance, the more it thins out.
  • Head over early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. If you get there before 10am, it’s much less crowded.
  • If you’re not looking to spend hours there, it’s a great place to go for an after-dinner walk or a pre-work jog (and workout on the stairs).

Drum Circle:

  • Every Sunday at 3pm there is a drum circle that you can hear throughout the park. The circle has been having for 30-40 years and anyone is welcome.
  • If you’re interested in some of the history of the circle, check this article out.

P.S. Here are some fun flastback photos of the park before and after it was created.