Weekly Wanderings [04.17.17]

The DC International Film Festival will begin on April 20th (and go until April 30th). The festival will provide attendees with a plethora of approximately 80 international films from 45 continues. For over 30 years, the festival has taken place. The first film of the festival, ‘This is Our Land’ “looks at what can happen when a community faced with new immigrants and threatened job security becomes the target of right-wing operatives”. But, there will be a variety of other genres and topics touched on throughout the festival.

This coming Saturday, April 22nd, the DC Brew Fest will take place. There are two time slots available to attend, noon-3pm or 5-8pm. Tickets are currently on sale for $45 each. The event will take place at Nationals Park and include both seasonal and craft brews in addition to numerous food trucks!

As residents of the District there is nothing we love more than eating and drinking outside. So, we’re always excited when a new list of must-try destinations makes its way around. The Washington Post compiled 9 new outdoor dining destinations in Washington. While a few are familiar to most Washingtonians, such as Colada Shop (14th St), we’re excited about ‘The Bird’, a poultry-themed restaurant (did someone say Bacon?!) and Dirty Habit, the new spot that’s taken over the once-popular Poste.

For the first year, the Smithsonian Conservation Commons, in combination with other leaders in the Environmental world such as Nat Geo, Discovery Communications, The Roadmap, etc. have created the Earth Optimism Summit, Beginning on Friday, April 21st, the event will cover numerous topis relating to the environment, earth, extinction, etc.