PSA: Wet and Wild Photo Focus Drugstore Foundation is Cheap (In the Best Way)

E and I have very different sentiments when it comes to makeup. While I am loathe letting any of my dimes slip away, E is able to more clearly pick and invest in beauty buys with a higher price tag. But, recently, we found a product that may be the perfect compromise.

It’s a new holy-grail drugstore beauty buy that we were dying to try after we saw a few highly regarded beauty vloggers on youtube give this foundation a go. It’s by Wet ‘n’ Wild and is from their new line, “Photo Focus” specifically, the Photo Focus Foundation.

They were sold out at several DC drugstores when we first began our journey, so we decided to order some shades online. At this time, they were super popular so we couldn’t get the exact shades we wanted. We settled on two: Shell Ivory and Rose Ivory. Shell Ivory was a pretty good match for my skin, but Rose Ivory would be better suited for my skin during winter instead of the beginning of spring.

A few weeks later, by complete happenstance, we saw them at a CVS near 20th street. This time, we picked up Buff Bisque…although I’m still waiting for one more potential purchase as I have a feeling Soft Beige would be the perfect shade.

Now, let’s get into the fun part: how does it actually wear?

T’s Take:

For me personally, I would call it mid-full coverage. It’s also really easy to mix shades and still get an even color. This is largely because the component is a large plastic spatula. Personally, I take two of my shades and mix them together on the top of my hand, and then apply with my Beautyblender. When applying, you should also keep in mind that this foundation sets pretty quickly – so don’t get distracted while applying.

As for wear, it is pretty long lasting. I can easily get through a work day without desperately needing a touch up. Not to mention, because it’s not completely full coverage it isn’t too drying, patchy, or rough on the skin. The only warning I have about coverage is over-applying. Every once in a while I over-apply and while this foundation does a pretty good job of being layered, after a few hours it starts to look a little strange. That’s truly my only complaint, and that’s pretty good considering over-application is completely my fault.

E’s Take:

The price alone is a reason to buy it. While I’m willing to spend just about anything for good makeup, I love that is is SO cheap. I have 4 bottles now, and spent $20. If that isn’t reason enough to buy it… I agree with T, it can look cakey if you over-apply it. The packaging works well. As someone who loves liquid foundations with pumps (and hates liquids that you end up pouring on the floor) the spatula serves its purpose.

I typically apply it with a damp Beautyblender or my new makeup brushes (still deciding which I like more). I know everyone says that Beautyblenders are the best and I completely agree. It helps this foundation go on smoothly and evenly, while letting your skin shine through (something I am more-into the old I get). As a relatively pale person, I have trouble finding foundation. I know that it’s even more difficult for individuals to find foundations that match other skin colors. It could definitely use many more shades but covered a fair amount (hopefully there are more to come)!


Run…don’t walk to CVS (the only drugstore in DC we’ve seen it at) and pick up a few bottles.

Not sponsored, just big fans!