Weekly Wanderings [04.10.17]

New Additions:

  • As world-class eaters (or so we like to think) we are particularly excited about this list washington.org compiled 20 hot new restaurants to try. While some are well-known DC staples, were particularly excited about Himitsu (in Petworth), Sfoglina (because, pasta), Bad Saint (love tiny places), and Johnny’s Half Shell (on it’s improved third appearance in the District).
  • The Wunder Garten team is hosting the Bavarian tradition known as “Springfest” (or Fruhlingfest) with authentic German food, beer, and spring music this coming weekend. Festivities start on Thursday and extend through the weekend. It honestly sounds like a great time and we’re considering stopping by ourselves.
  • “Smart People” is coming to DC on Friday, it’s a politically charged comedy that begins around the time when Obama was sworn into office. It is a show that brings comedy, politics, and “smart people” (a doctor, actress, neurobiologist, and psychologist) together in a show that touches on love and acceptance (among other complex topics).

A new event is coming to Union Market’s Doc this April! On April 14th DC Cherry Blast will be held and it is a celebration of Japanese Culture. It is actually an on-going part to the Cherry Blossom Festival because, let’s be real, even if peak bloom has passed the trees are still gorgeous. And, who doesn’t want an excuse to try some more great cultural food and drink? Check it out from 7-11pm.

Still bummed you didn’t score tickets to Infinity Mirrors? Don’t fear – the Hirshorn has plenty of other cool and wacky art to share with you! Check out their weekend tour, starting Saturday between 12-2pm.

July 4th might be far away, but you don’t have to wait until then to see Fireworks. Simply check out The Southwest Fireworks Festival on April 15th, and it’s an all day event. There will be food trucks, craft drinks & brews, live entertainment and more. The best views being in Waterfront Park closest to the Titanic Memorial. Get there at 2pm for a day of family fun, or wait until 8:30pm when the fireworks are set to shine.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing at the Verizon Center on Wednesday, April 12th.

Since the Baseball season is gearing up and there are games starting this week, get your Nats tickets here. If you’re one of those people that needs to know what type of food they have (so you can prepare to try everything like us), check out this link as there are new food additions to the ballpark!