Warby Parker (Shaw)

T here, and as a life-long gal with poor vision (literally, by the time I was three I had already had pretty serious eye-surgery), getting the right frames with the right lenses is really important to me. I have to wear them every day and am unable to wear contacts, so I rely and put a lot of “miles”, so to speak, on my glasses. Before my experience with Warby Parker, I had always gotten frames from the same doctor’s office where I had my eye exams.

My experience before was pretty standard, look at several walls full of glasses I loved but couldn’t afford (boy are they expensive), glasses I felt neutral about were in budget, and glasses I hated but could easily pay for. I always felt my choices were limited and “extras”  were the focus of the employees around me.

When E suggested we tried Warby Parker, I was a little wary but happy to try something new. We decided to do some website stalking since that’s what were good at. After we narrowed it down to a few we liked, we decided to head to the U-Street/Shaw store after work.

Walking into the store already highlights how much of a different experience it is than the run-of-the-mill doctors office. The store is designed incredibly well (and is well laid out), but customer service didn’t jump down our throats. That really shocked me, especially considering it wasn’t a very crowded store. We were in the store for about ten minutes when we were approached and when we said we were browsing for a new pair she just said “let me know if I can help” and walked away. It was freeing, to say the least.

After spending the next twenty minutes trying and re-trying about 15 pairs of different glasses (which E can attest to), I settled on the “Jennings” (ironically this is also the name of Eloise’s brother) in Beach Glass. One thing I will say is the ‘Jennings’ I saw online is a sky blue. When, in reality, they are closer to a dark gray-teal. If you’re not near a Warby Parker store, I would highly recommend doing the free home try-on or, at the very least, googling the style as it is likely at least a few people have taken pictures with the style. I think the colors, as presented on the website, are usually a little bit lighter than what they are in person.

E also had a seamless experience (despite her difficulty making decisions) which involved approximately 20 different choices. E ultimately decided on the “Fletcher” since she wanted to mix it up and get a pair of colored frames.

When it came to check out, the employees just grabbed an iPad and a pupil measuring device (honestly, we have no idea what it’s called). After telling her the style and color I’d like, as well as my prescription, she took the measurement and filled all this out on the iPad. She said that this information would be stored on my account, and I could use it for future purchases (which was awesome since I just ordered another pair of glasses….and sunglasses..). After that, we each paid with our FSA cards.  The price was ACTUALLY $95 total, including shipping, which (for once in a store) was as advertised.

Overall, I was surprised with how smooth the entire process was and that there weren’t any “catches” or up-sells. It really felt like an easy, yet personalized, experience. And, after about 9 business days (again, my eyes are bad so it took longer) my glasses arrived in a sleek case and with some information on care and other information on Warby Parker. E got hers in about 5 days (lucky duck) and has been using them ever since.

If you live in DC (or the DMV area) we would highly recommend visiting the U-Street/Shaw location and passing on the Georgetown one. Another tip is to go early in the week after work since it’s open until 7pm.

Not sponsored, just big fans of Warby.