Weekend Reading [04.01.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • Science has apparently figured out the right way to drink wine. Hear more from Bianca Bosker about her new book which covers wine for newbies, Cork Dork, in this Jezebel article.
  • We all want to be Miranda Priestly, at least a little, but sometimes its tough to be “mean”. Learn how to channel your inner-boss lady at work, and learn about the 5 times speaking up at work are non-negotiable.
  • Do you ever feel a little bit bad about gossiping? Well, maybe you shouldn’t. According to a new article by The Science of Us our brains are actually fine-tuned to be great at gossiping.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • If you need vacation ideas or just like to flip through photos of gorgeous seafoam blue water, this is a quick read on St. John, a US Virgin Island. As someone who can never shy away from any type of tropical paradise, it made me want to hop on a plan immediately.
  • Fun and quick horoscope read for the month of April from Refinery 29.
  • In honor of April fools, the Washington Post complied all the pranks, tricks, and fun-happenings going on throughout the internet today. My personal favorite is that ‘DC is getting a Joe Biden-themed pop up bar’ (which unfortunately isn’t true), but honestly, we could always use a bit more Joe in our lives.