Weekend Reading [03.25.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • One thing I have always struggled with is finding meaning, purpose, and, well, anything not awful about memories. However, according to a recent scientific study there may be a way to make these remembered moments a little more meaningful. Read more about the process here.
  • Hot Girls Wanted is one of my favorite documentaries, directed by the wonderful Rashida Jones, that I’ve seen on Netflix. So, when I heard a new docu-series by the same team was coming to Netflix (Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On), I got very excited. Read more about the project, and how it will act as a follow-up to the 2015 doc.
  • Kate Middleton has remained an inspiration for all poised young ladies, with a flair of fun, across the world. Recently, Vanity Fair did a write up on what it is to be a ‘real’ princess, according to her. So what, does a real princess act? With kindness, compassion, and constant engagement – it has been said that Kate is ” “good at putting people at ease [hearing] their stories.” And, in today’s world, that is what makes a good world leader.

Eloise’s Reads:

  • Washington Post and I agree on a lot of things, but this week they really outdid themselves. Read about which beer gardens are the best places to finally welcome spring, a few of our favorites (like Dacha) got shout outs, so consider thing Washington Post and Wandering Washingtonians approved.
  • Uhm, I don’t like…really know how quite to, err, say this but I’ve got to stop using filler words. It’s something all millennials could work on, and this article helped me…uhm, like a little.
  • Now that spring has arrived, so has my strong desire to put fresh flowers around the house! However, despite loving Trader Joe’s blooms, I wanted to do something a bit more…dramatic. Check out this article for tips from a creative indie florist on how to make some attention-grabbing arrangements.