10 Podcasts To Listen to While You Wait for the Metro

If you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, you’re really missing out. With the continuation of Safetrack, I’m betting your morning commute is a littles less than rosy. However, podcasts open up a wonderful world of escapism.

When you subscribe to a podcast, you’re along for an interesting ride. Most podcasts last about 45 minutes to an hour, and come in the widest variety you can imagine. In fact, a lot of your favorite brands and thought leaders likely already have podcasts that you can tune into.

Below are ten of my favorite podcasts. They are all widely different from each other in genre, subject, host, attitude, and takeaways and I think there might be (or two) that almost anyone can enjoy below.

1. Pod Save America: Okay, we live in D.C. so you know the first podcast I suggest is going to be about politics. However, it is a pretty even-keeled podcast. In their own words it is, “This is a political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane.” Each episode is roughly an hour and they have new episodes up every 3-weeks or so.

2. True Crime Garage: Pretty true to its name, True Crime Garage are two dudes discussing crime. Each week, and sometimes twice a week if they’re doing a series, Nic and the Captain deep dive into various true crime cases. The show is very well researched, includes audio clips, and even a sense of humor.

3. Myths & Legends: This is a gorgeously designed podcast with a near-perfect arrangement of background music & sound. Jason, the host, has an incredibly soothing voice and deep dives into various myths and legends from all corners of the world. If you like your history with a side of whimsy, this is definitely worth a listen.

4. Stuff You Should Know: This is a podcast staple, and has a huge back-catalog perfect for binging. The concept is simple: educate the public about common things and how they work. However, the topics are wide, varied, and almost always interesting. One of my favorites was ‘How Landfills Work’ because, honestly, I had no clue.

5. Bitch Sesh: I’m a verified Real Housewives fan, and this is a podcast dedicated primarily to Real Housewives but, more widely, all of the Bravo-sphere. The hosts have made me laugh out loud, whether it’s discussing the ladies or telling their own personal stories,  more times than I can count.

6. Limetown: The land of fiction podcasts is not one I dipped into early, but I can appreciate some long-form story telling. I found the voice actors, and the story, of Limetown really intriguing and suggest it to anyone in need of a little mystery and strangeness in their life.

7. History Extra: This is a weekly podcast by the BBC that covers interesting aspects of history, interviews with leaders in a certain area of study, and dives deeper into everything we thought we knew. Any history buff will soon be soothed by British tones, and the fact that they usually cover 2-3 topics per episode doesn’t hurt, either.

8. Crimetown: This examines how a group of politicians, bankers, and mobsters, tanked Rhode Island’s economy. It might sound boring, but it is a truly interesting deep-dive on how this shadowy society brought down an entire state, more or less.

9. Page Seven: Cave Comedy Radio is one of my favorite podcast producers, and Page Seven is one of my favorite (and, frankly, most honest) look at celebrity culture and news. The hosts are a bit raunchy, and the language is NSFW so make sure to listen with headphones!

10. Unexplained: For those who like a good creepy story, ghost-lore, and all things just a little bit strange, Unexplained is for you. The host has a sooth voice and the episodes are short and sweet, usually clocking in at around 30 minutes. In the host’s own words it is a podcast ” about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation.”